Tips to consider when buying a new (second hand) car

Tips to consider when buying a new (second hand) car

Very few of us would consider buying a brand new car these days. They are pricey, and the value drops the minute the cars pulls off the dealerships’ floor. At the same time, you might be concerned about buying a previously owned car. Here’s how to approach it.

  • Decide whether to buy privately or from a dealership

There are great private deals out there for low prices, but private deals do come with greater risks. There are more than a thousand professional dealerships advertising their cars on Gumtree, which means that you can buy a great second hand car and still enjoy the full protection of the Consumer Protection Act and governance associated with the trade.

  • Define your budget

When you are buying a new car, you have to consider more than just the sticker price. How much more will you have to spend on fuel or repairs? Is the car due for a service? How will the car affect your insurance payments? Look for a demo or ex-rental model of about a year old with mileage of 10,000-15,000km.

  • Don’t overpay

Use the Gumtree Car Price Checker to find out what that particular make and year model are selling for. Often times buying a model that is one year older than the one you are looking at can take thousands off the asking price.

  • Insist on paperwork

No paperwork, no deal – especially when buying a car privately. Ensure that the vehicle has been settled in full with the bank, that the seller is the rightful owner and insist on a full service history.

  • Ask the right questions

There are a few questions you should ask right way. Why are you selling? is a great opening question. It’s one matter if the seller is looking for something bigger for his/her growing family, but it’s a whole other story if they are selling the car because it keeps breaking down. You might also ask what commute they’ve taken every day, whether or not they’ve taken the car on long road trips, when they last replaced the tyres, whether they’ve been in any accidents or where the car was parked every day.

  • Have it checked out

While a Roadworthy Test is a legal requirement, you may also want to do an AA Dekra Test to ensure that there aren’t any nasty surprises lurking beneath the bonnet. There will be a small fee but you will have full peace of mind that the car you are buying is in good condition.


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